Mad Dogs And Englishmen

22 December
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The stories contained in this journal come from the mind of one named Mar. She does not claim responsibility for anyone scarred or otherwise damaged by reading the fics herein. No characters were harmed in the makings of any of these fics. Bear in mind that many were written on no sleep and too many cups of coffee.

And now for the serious stuff.

1. The Author lives on feedback. It keeps her going. It makes her feel loved. Above all, it lets her know what she is doing right or wrong.

2. Flames are not accepted. If you must criticize, do it constructively. She can take it. It will help her become better.

3. Suggestions are always welcome. Occasionally, The Author will make a post if anyone would like to make requests of her. She's open to just about anything.

4. The Author is an adult and tends to write fiction of an adult nature. Please read all warnings before proceeding with the story. She will not be held responsible for anything.

5. There is no number 5.

Currently working on the 1character challenge. Fandom: Firefly, Character: River Tam